Micro Irrigation Systems:

SUDHAKAR Manufacture, Design, Supply and Install Micro Irrigation Systems i.e. the Drip Irrigation system for Horticulture crops and Sprinkler systems for Commercial crops. SUDHAKAR is the leading supplier to prestigious APMIP project.

Drip Irrigation System
SUDHAKAR Drip Irrigation System uses high quality raw material and are manufactured with high standards. Every product follows the stringent quality control methods of Bureau of Indian Standards i.e. IS:12786, IS:13487. IS:13488, IS:12785 etc…. This makes SUDHAKAR Drip Irrigation System to work perfect and continuously without any problem.

SUDHAKAR Drip Irrigation System is very useful for all plantation crops like mango, lime, orange, citrus, grape, papaya, berry, coconut, sapota etc.., Vegetable farms, cash crops like tea, coffee and oil palms etc… Sudhakar drip irrigation system works well in all types of water, soil and climatic conditions.

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
SUDHAKAR Sprinkler Irrigation Systems are manufactured with high quality HDPE raw material. All products are manufactured and sourced as per the Bureau of Indian Standards specification i.e. IS:14151 Part 1 & 2, IS:12232 etc…. Proper care ensured at every stage of manufacture and assembly of the system, thus the system works very efficiently in all soils and conditions.

SUDHAKAR Sprinkler Irrigation Systems are useful for all Commercial crops and Vegetable crops.

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